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Monday, October 25, 2010


Hi everyone! Bloggers, people who do blog walking, and everyone who drop by in this page. (I wish there was). I am CHEAP FINDER, recently, I am obsessed buying clothes, shoes and bag at an affordable price or let's say cheap. I know it's not easy to find cheap or bargain clothings and stuffs specially most of the items on store are more than PHP300 worth of price. That sometimes we think or ask ourselves, is it worth it? to buy clothes like these when you will just wear this for about 2-3 times? 

Well, me I always asked myself those questions because I am wise spender with my money I earned and believe me, it is different from spending your money from your parents than spending your money that you worked hard for it. Am i right? 

There's no more space to my FB Account which is private for only people I know personally. I was thinking where to put my ideas or to write my ideas and share what cheap items I found to other people not only to my friends. :) 

And... tadaaah! Blogspot.com, yeah. I know there's a lot of blogger out there talks about whatever they want and besides this is the page where I could express happiness when buying things I know worth it. Even though it's not expensive brands but still not "imitation" or "fake". 

Because I know and you all know, if we are buying or looking for an item we have to know or trust the quality of the product.

Soo... hope you will follow me as I share some of my cheap found items here on my page. :) 

Remember, you don't have to spend too much when you want to be trendy. ;) 

This is me, 

Jade ♥ Cheapfinder

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