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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pre-Christmas Shopping!!

Hmmm... its 36 days to go before Christmas!!! Yeah... and as of the moment, I am having a hard time to save some money for this coming holiday season. *gasp! Kinda loser on this part. But, but, but, however, rather..... I must say that before the November ends there are SALE anywhere... Malls, tiangge, online shop and etc.

You just have to budget conscious and don't splurge too much. Because you might realize that you are shopping too early for Christmas. I am sure that there are more or over 60% - 70% discount sale coming to town! Yay! =)

Have fun this weekend everyone! =) ♥


  1. yeah right! Im still waiting for the cheapest and biggest discount ever this month! yay!

  2. i agree!!! that's part of the problem with holiday shopping- but the key is to hold out. i'm waiting for a gorgeous faux fur jacket at urban outfitters to go on sale for this same reason. i'm hoping to get lucky!! :D

    i like the theme of your blog- i agree with that too! :P
    *Claudia* x

  3. I love Christmas shopping! definitely getting a headstart this year :)



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