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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Alright. I admit it. I shopped. Yes, I did. Because It was sale and it was my pay out sooo... I bought a new shades from Fly, a belt from Alexandria and Red sneakers from Off Shore. :) But still I am looking for tops that would be different from my clothes in my closet. But I didn't have much time to browse in the department stores and other boutique. I'm in my crisis mode right now and staying away from those temptations. Hahaha! (But I already bought some lol) My dad bought me a shirt from Artwork for only PHP99.00 (basic tee) for everyday wear and believe me, I don't go for small size of shirts now. I am now looking for medium sizes so that It could be more comfortable to wear shirts on a hot weather. :) 

Will post later the photo of my new sneakers. :) yay!

1 comment:

  1. artwork tees are great:)
    You've got a nice template.
    I like it!


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